The brand

Slow Fashion


Tissa Fontaneda handbags and accessories are handcrafted in Spain by the world's greatest artisans using the finest velvety soft Spanish nappa. The brand is part of the "slow fashion" movement and does not participate in abusive consumerist practices but in ethical production and consumption of products; creating timeless bags and accessories characterised by impeccable quality and longevity.


New collections are presented only twice a year introducing just a few new models and colors along side our top selling core collection. Bags and accessories that are not sold in one season are sold in the next. Tissa Fontaneda products are never burned or destroyed and excess leather is used in the production of small leather goods such as key chains and purses or in our top selling Bucket Bag Patchwork. The brand does not use single-use plastic.



All Tissa Fontaneda products are made in Spain minimising the carbon footprint of the production process while supporting traditional European artisan manufacturing.

The leather used by Tissa Fontaneda is sourced from the world's finest Entrefino lambksin. These animals are bred principally for sustenance rather than uniquely for their skin and reared in accordance with specific animal welfare protocols and rights considerations.

Our tannery is a family owned business for generations located in the North of Spain. They maintain the highest standards of quality for their products by blending artisan skill and authenticity with innovative and modern processes.


All Tissa Fontaneda handbags are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Madrid or Ubrique, a small town in Southern Spain known as the ̈"Silicon Valley" of craftsmanship. These skilled artisans are the foundation for the brand's success as they are responsible for the bringing the designs to life. Their satisfaction and proper working conditions are of crucial importance to Tissa and thanks to them and the dedicated team in the Madrid headquarters, the Tissa Fontaneda brand continues to grow.